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Georgian Style

A new temporary display of Georgian costume and art at Hollytrees Museum

Georgian Style - 1780s Sack Back Pink Dress


Hollytrees Museum, Colchester

Date and Time

21st June 2014 to 26th January 2015


This display features items of Georgian costume including a pink silk 'sack back' style dress and a beautifully embroidered example of a man's court suit from the 1760s. There are also examples of fine art showing life in Colchester during the 1700s. 

A pastel portrait of Sarah Gray, donated to the Colchester Museum Collection in 2012 is displayed for the first time. Sarah was the niece of Elizabeth Cornelisen who built Hollytrees in 1718.  Sarah inherited Hollytrees in 1719 and lived here with her husband Ralph Creffield. He died in 1723 and Sarah married Charles Gray, a famous owner of Hollytrees.


The display will be on until early January, 2015