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Illustration of portrait and giraffe Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser windowFrom Egyptians to Romans, Mansion to Castle, our museums and schools sessions inspire children to look, investigate, compare and question their ideas about the world around them. The wide range of collections provide endless possibilities to explore any area of learning, whether you want to plan your own visit or take part in one of our active museum-led sessions, but don't just take our word for it:



" Year 3 and 4 children from Silver End Primary School visited Colchester Castle as part of their Roman history theme. When the children returned to school from their visit, they couldn't have been more engaged or enthused about this period in history. They followed trails around the museum, thoroughly enjoyed the interactive aspects of games such as the chariot racing and they were able to put what they had learned in class into context through the artefacts and role play. Teachers and supporting adults felt that the children had an educational and memorable day out, purposefully supporting our curriculum ."

Victoria Good, Head of School at Silver End Primary School

"I would highly recommend the Colchester Museum loan boxes to any education practitioner who is looking for a hands on and realistic resource for children of any age. We have borrowed the 'Toys' box, which really engaged and interested all of the children in my class. The discussion that came out of the toys we were looking at and handling was priceless!"

Laura Free, Teacher, Hazelmere Infants School


You can download our Schools Brochures from this page or find further information about all our schools sessions and resources by following the links below. 

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